How Often Are Cars Used

Cars under £500 that run good

Starting a car stored in this manner requires little effort, and intervals of two or three weeks may be the optimum time frame to prevent any spoilage. The car should be run long enough to achieve operating temperature and the engine should be revved lightly before shutdown.

Question: "How often should a car that isn't used much be started and be driven to keep the battery up?" I have two special cars that are seldom driven and remain covered in the garage. Cars that are seldom driven should not be started just to kee

The result is that these cars are still driving 60 or 70 years after they were made. So how long can you expect a car to last? The answer could be infinite, depending on how much money and time you're willing to spend to keep it running -- and depending on just how reliable the car stays as it gets older. Automotive Averages

I buy cars used with cash, but the people that I know who finance cars will buy for 3-6 years and then trade in the old one for a new one. Cars are fairly cheap here (compared to what I've heard my European friends talk about) and as you mentioned interest rates are low, so it makes upgrading your car to a newer, nicer one easy.

If your vehicle won't be used for a few months, says the stabilizer may help keep the fuel lines and engine from corroding. Inflate the Tires If your car will be sitting for a long period of time, the temperature may change and the tires can slowly lose pressure, says

One of the main reasons why sports cars are often the most reliable used cars is because engineers have started to make them better. There was a point when sports cars actually began to slump in popularity due to their unreliability.

Cars under £500 that run good
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