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What's More Important When Buying a Car: Miles or Age? - Autotrader

How Age Matters for Used Cars. A vehicle's age is also an important consideration. A vehicle that's 10 years old, but has only been driven 25,000 miles may seem appealing, but on the flip side the vehicle has also been sitting for most of its life. There are certain parts of a vehicle that don't age well when the vehicle has been sitting.

Here's a used-car hack that bypasses the worst effects of car depreciation: Buy a relatively new used car and only keep it for three years. You'll save thousands of dollars. Read on for the details.

While shopping for a used car, you may notice an odd contradiction. A 15-year-old vehicle is selling for more money than a 10-year-old vehicle with significantly more miles. Why does the older vehicle have a higher value, and furthermore, don't mileage and age kind of going hand-in-hand? Not necessarily.

Age is a better indicator of reliability than mileage alone. A slightly newer, heavily driven car will probably outlast the "lightly used" retirement car of someone's grandparents. Old, low mileage cars are a bad deal due to the high risk of extremely expensive - or even irreparable - breakdown.

Pro Low Mileage. The odometer only tells half the story. In theory, a car with less miles on it should last longer than a car with more miles. If you buy a used vehicle with 50,000 miles on it, it's going to have more driving days ahead of it than its 100,000-mile counterpart — that's just simple math.

How Much Mileage Is Good for a Used Car? There are many reasons why buying a used car rather than a new car is a wise choice. But there are also factors that should be taken into consideration before purchasing a used car.

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