Used Cars Without Engines

3.0 HPT engine- Iveco Daily- 177HP

If you are having engine problems shortly after purchasing a used car, you may want to sue the dealership for Auto Fraud. If the dealer did not disclose anything to be wrong with the car before you signed the paperwork, you may be entitled to cancel the sales contract and receive a refund.

Answers. Best Answer: On the back row of any used car lot. They all have junk that they can't sell and nobody wants sitting in the back of their property. You may have to do some minor body work or interior cleanup, you can't expect a perfect car with a bad engine but you should be able to find a decent car with a bad engine.

Used engines market has penetrated the web, and you'll find numerous websites dedicated to used-engines only. But, while purchasing a well-functioning used engine through any of these online vendors, just be inquisitive, and carefully go through the attached catalogue of the engines.

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Avis car sales Randburg FEATURES: 130kw/450nm Diesel Engine, 6-Speed A/T with Paddle Shift, 7-Seater (Leather), Multi-function Steering Wheel, Aircon with Rear Cooling, Power-steering, ABS, Central locking, Electric Windows, Elec Mirrors, Elec Driver Seat, Cruise Control, Radio/DVD player with AUX/USB and Colour Media Interface, Reverse Camera, Bluetooth, 7 Air-bags, Tow Bar, Front Fog Lights, 8.0

The engine under the hood is the most important component of a vehicle. Without the engine, your car cannot run and is of little value to you. If you have been in an accident, or neglected your engine to the point that it has stopped running, you may find yourself in the market for a used car engine.

3.0 HPT engine- Iveco Daily- 177HP
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